Smart Data Demo

The following demo complements the Smart Content demo by providing a way to explore and navigate our knowledge graph using concepts that are returned from the Smart Content demo. After entering a single concept or a list of multiple concepts, separated by semicolons, this demo returns the related concepts that are found to be associated with the input concepts. Clicking on any of the related concepts returns another list of related concepts for that clicked concept. When multiple concepts are searched, the related concept merge produces a ranked list of related concepts that are shared by more than one input concept. The concept popularity and the concept ordering return the daily visitation statistics as well as the ranking in importance, respectively of the input concepts. The inference is used to identify the underlying concepts that are common across all input concepts.

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PopularityConcept TitleConcept ID
3910Big data27051151
2136Data mining42253
332Content analysis473317
ScoreConcept TitleConcept ID
48.24Data mining42253
23.5Big data27051151
10.63Content analysis473317
4.81Apache Hadoop5919308
LevelScoreCategory TitleCategory ID
32.36Data management762162
11.71Big data40423498
21.62Information technology management1226541
21.54Distributed computing957605
21.54Information science1009204
21.54Data analysis14482748
21.54Types of databases24209501

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