Using the Smart Data Demo

The following demo provides a way to explore concept relationships using our knowledge graph. The results are richer and more valuable if you enter more than 1 keyword or keyword phrase. Your entered keywords (free text) will be automatically mapped to the best matching concept(s). The more letters you type, the more likely it is that one of the concepts presented is what you were looking for. You need to click on one of the concepts presented to add it to your list of inputs.

Our knowledge graph translates most misspellings into the correct spelling of a concept. Note that the concept(s) presented to you are the names of concepts in the knowledge graph, and therefore may differ from your input text. Though you are free to reject all of the suggested concepts in the drop-down menu and provide your input text as-is, we recommend that you make a selection from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, your input text may not match any concept(s) and the demo will return no results. When you have entered all the concepts you want, select the Explore button.

Interpreting Smart Data Demo Results

The “Related Concepts” tab returns the related concepts that are found to be associated with the input concepts. Clicking on any of the related concepts in the resulting list, returns a list of related concepts for the clicked concept. When multiple concepts are searched, the related concept merge produces a ranked list of related concepts that are shared by more than one input concept. The concept popularity and the concept ordering return the daily visitation statistics as well as the ranking in importance, respectively of the input concepts. The inference is used to identify the underlying concepts that are common across all input concepts. Screenshots use cases, and additional information may be found on our Smart Data page.

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PopularityConcept TitleConcept ID
4228Machine learning233488
1711Data mining42253
1018Business intelligence168387
175Natural language understanding98778
ScoreConcept TitleConcept ID
57.74Machine learning233488
47.33Data mining42253
20.25Business intelligence168387
3.11Natural language understanding98778
LevelScoreCategory TitleCategory ID
12.44Formal sciences17503782
22.35Cognitive science957793
11.71Artificial intelligence700355
11.63Data management762162
11.63Information management46719327
21.62Information technology management1226541
21.62Data analysis14482748
21.54Applied mathematics966983

Concept Retrieval API

To go further in your exploration of concepts and categories, you need to download the Smart Data API. The API allows a greater number of results and additional parameters such as monthly and weekly timeframes for popularity and ordering. The results are created in a JSON file, but other formats could be made available. You can choose either the AWS API Gateway platform or AWS Marketplace. Our pricing page compares the two platforms, but all features and functionality are the same. You can review the documentation for additional information and examples under the API area.